Week 29/30 Updates; Hospital admission underway

This post has taken longer for me to write than I anticipated. The past couple weeks have been a continuous whirlwind , and it has taken longer for me to fully process than usual. On May 3rd we had our monthly appointment with the specialist and more news was thrown our way. We had another new doctor that we saw, and to be honest I was dreading seeing this one. I had multiple people tell me that he was blunt, harsh and his bedside manner was subpar. To our surprise, he turned out to be exactly what we needed at this point in this pregnancy.

The anatomy scan went well as it has every time, which is always a huge relief. Nora was growing right on track, active and perfect if I do say so myself. Following this the doctor requested to do a check on my cervix to ensure it was looking good, and we are thankful he did this. He told us he saw a spot that could be of concern and that he would explain once I was dressed and in his office. We went in and had no idea that the news he was about to give us would change everything.

The doctor explained that I had suspected Placenta Accreta, a rare condition for someone like me who has had no known miscarriages, no pelvic surgeries and no past pregnancies that required a c-section. He told us upfront not to Google this diagnosis, because what you find on the internet is mainly about worse cases and it would just scare us more. This diagnosis means that my placenta is growing into my uterus and can cause major issues at birth if not done properly. Another curve ball was that he explained that due to this, I may have to have a hysterectomy immediately following my c-section to avoid further complications. The risk is not as much to Nora, but to me. If not done properly, it could result in major blood loss and death, which no one wants to hear. He reassured us that this is his specialty, that he would be sending us to the best hospital for this and that the surgeons would be top notch. Our next steps were an MRI to confirm what he saw and then a follow up with a team or doctors to come up with a game plan. We left this appointment in shock, but thankful to have fallen into this doctor’s care despite us originally not wanting to see him.

That night I was in shock and the information wasn’t really processing. Over the next day or two I spent a lot of time thinking about what this news meant to us and our family. The thought of having a potentially extremely dangerous birth with our first child then losing the ability to try again for a second was a hard pill to swallow. I filled my Mom in right away and of course this news sent her into Momma bear mode and she wanted to get out here to California to be with us and help. Sunday I broke down and admitted to her that I needed her here. The next day she jumped into action changing her original flights, rearranging her doctors’ appointments and spoke with her employer about leaving to be with us. By Monday afternoon she had changed her flights and made the arrangements to fly out the following Saturday. This was a huge relief to me, and her selflessness is undeniable. With some weight lifted off my chest I was ready to tackle a week of appointments that would give us more insight.

Monday morning Tina took me to my first NST (stress test appointment), and everything came back fine. We had breakfast together that day and cried over a coffee as we reminisced about her pregnancy struggles and how much our Mother’s mean to us during times like this. I’m thankful to have her by my side through all of this, because so much of what I’m going through, she can relate to. She faced bed rest, scares throughout her pregnancy and all the way up until the twins arrival. She keeps me positive, optimistic and level headed. Everyone deserves a friend like that!

Tuesday Evan took off work and we headed to San Diego for an MRI and a follow up appointment with the doctor. Somehow I managed to survive the MRI (I hate tight spaces), and our appointment confirmed that what he saw the following Friday was real. He informed us that he wanted to admit me to Mary Birch hospital in San Diego the following week and he would call us after his meeting with a team of 8-9 doctors’ who would be handling my case. Even though I was hoping for other news, I felt a sense of security knowing that I was in great care and would be monitored closely to try to avoid life threatening complications. As we drove home I got teary eyed because I knew my Mom was on her way and that she would be here to help us while I was in the hospital. I knew it would be a huge help for not only me, but my husband as well. He had been carrying a heavy load and trying to balance my care and work, and it was a lot. Help was on the way though!

The team of doctors’ confirmed the findings and all agreed that a c-section at 34-36 weeks would be best and with a team of surgeons in the room ready to act. Along with this the doctor told us that it would be best to plan on the hysterectomy while they are in there to avoid the risk of losing too much blood and causing major health implications. This part was the most shocking I believe. When Evan arrived home we discussed the news and had a talk about what this meant for future children. We both agreed that we trust in our team of doctors’ and that mine and babies health and safety come first. We never imagined we would be blessed with this baby, so we are going to count those blessings and pray for the best.

I spent the next few days with Tina washing, folding and preparing for Nora so that things would be semi together before I went into the hospital. She took amazing care of us and set things up so that once my Mom arrived, we could organize things and finish up. Again, I don’t know what I’d do without her friendship and support. Saturday rolled around and my Mom got in and I had never been more excited to see her. We had dinner Saturday night and spent Mother’s Day Sunday at the in-laws house. My father in law cooked up an amazing meal (as always) and we spent time in the pool. Couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day or last weekend of freedom before the long hospital stay we were about to embark on.

Monday my Mom busted her butt getting the rest of Nora’s clothes washed, folded and put away. She literally spent the entire day running around and it gave me so much relief knowing we were leaving the following day, but everything would be ready for us when we get home. We also packed hospital bags for us both and then finished the evening off with a nice dinner out with Evan. I knew leaving for the hospital and being gone for 4-6 weeks was going to be hard, but reality was beginning to sink in. The relief of having my Mom at the hospital with me was huge, but I was sad knowing I’d be away from my husband and our fur babies so long. But, I knew in my heart that I was going to be where I needed to be to ensure mine and Nora’s safety.

Tuesday we got checked into the hospital and my mom got us settled in. Our room was tiny but she made us right at home. We ventured out that afternoon to the cafeteria and soaked in some sunlight with Evan before he headed back home. I had bloodwork done & monitoring began on our sweet girl. Every 8 hours I had someone coming to monitor her and to check for contractions. To say the least, I didn’t get much sleep that first night and woke up the next morning stressing about hospital bills and things out of my control. When they did my next stress test they noticed I had 3 small contractions, but was told anything under 6 was okay for now. I knew I needed to stop worrying and remember that it’s out of my hands.

We spent the morning having coffee with a couple new friends who were also admitted at the same hospital for their pregnancies. Both ladies were also from Temecula and a mutual friend linked us up. They both had been at this hospital for weeks so they had some great advice and insight. After our visit we spoke with the nursing staff about moving us to a larger room and to our surprise they did right away. We joked about being upgraded to the penthouse suite. 😂 Although I would much rather be at home, we are making the best of this stay. My mom has been a huge help already, and I cannot thank her enough for her love and support during this time. I may be 31, but I certainly need my Momma right now.

We have a long 4-6 weeks ahead, but I am staying positive and optimistic. Our sweet baby girl will be here before we know it. Continue to send us good thoughts and prayers as we try to keep her baking as long as possible! 💕

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