28.5 weeks and counting…

5/4/19- 28.5 weeks

Going into our specialist appointment this month was not as planned… we should know this by now! We saw a new specialist, one that everyone said was not a fan favorite. Turns out we absolutely loved him despite other’s opinions. We got a lot of new information, and was very unexpected. I am still trying to process it all to be honest.

I apparently have placenta accreta, which means the placenta is growing together with my uterus. Likely I’ll be admitted to Mary Birch hospital in San Diego no later than 32 weeks, pending no changes. They will be taking her by c-section there at 34 weeks or sooner, all depending on the next few weeks. The new finding is one that had they not found, major bleeding could have occurred during a normal c-section. The doctor took time and really made sure we understood the situation, pushed to have us moved to one of the best hospitals, arranged to have the top surgeons in the room in case of an emergency and has started a plan to hopefully prevent any complications. Before we left he wrote down his cell phone number and told us to call him with any questions that may arise. We headed out feeling overwhelmed, yet thankful for his expertise.

On the plus side, Nora is doing excellent. We got to see her up close and got tons of photos of her. That is my absolute favorite part about these visits. Her sweet little face and tiny hands melt this momma’s heart. One thing is for sure… she got her daddy’s feet. Her second toe is longer than her big toe, and it was clear as day on the ultrasound. Hopefully she gets some of his other, more desirable traits as well. Either way, we know she will be perfect just the way she is and we are eager to hold her in our arms.

In preparation for what’s to come, we have lots of appointments next week to fully assess the situation and to get a better plan in place. On top of that, nesting is in full swing and I am ready to have things set in case the plan shifts again. The Daddy-do list is long, but we are making head way. Her nursery is almost done, I’ve ordered the essentials for my hospital bag, our friends and family are on call to jump in to action if needed. Whatever is thrown our way, we got this!

I’ve said this before, but nothing about this pregnancy has gone as we planned. At times that really frustrates me. But, when I step back and look at the big picture I am thankful. Thankful for a healthy baby, the world’s best husband, loving and supportive friends and family who have really stepped up and for receiving the best care possible from top doctors. There’s so much I could dwell on, but I am choosing to be positive and grateful. The line “you make plans then you hear God laughing” from the Thomas Rhett song is on a loop in my brain. 😂 I am handing it over, and realize it’s out of my control.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the weeks to come. Our precious miracle baby is going to be here before too long, and we are holding onto hope that she stays put long enough to grow some more and get stronger! 💕

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