32 weeks… date of arrival is set!

We have survived the first two and a half weeks in the hospital and that’s all thanks to my amazing Mom, our friends and family! Since my admit date my Mom and I have made ourselves at home here and got into a groove. Each day we play games, get outside for about 30 minutes and have found some shows that give us something to look forward to in the evenings. We joke and say that we get 30 minutes in “the yard,” since I kind of feel like a prisoner. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to have her here with me. Honestly, not sure I could do it without her.

My Mom has been such a trooper! She takes such good care of me every day and has done everything in her power to keep me happy and positive. She is sleeping on an air mattress, having to heat up meals (that my fabulous father in law has been making and sending us), drinking subpar coffee and has given up her summer to be with me. My Mother has always been my biggest supporter and she continues to take care of me, even at 31 years old. I hope that I am half the Mom that she is, because she is truly the best mom and friend I could ever ask for.

Along with my Mom being here, Evan comes every Friday night and we have a “date night.” On Friday Evan gets off work and heads to the hospital for the evening and stays overnight while my Mom heads to our house to take care of the dogs and do our laundry. On Fridays’ we watch Game of Thrones on Netflix (we started watching this series late so we are 5 season in), order dinner with Door Dash and catch up. I look forward to our Friday date nights every week since we are not able to see each other much during the week. I have to admit that being apart is one of the most difficult parts of this journey. I miss being in our home, with our dogs, doing our routine and sleeping in our bed. I have had lots of time to reflect, and I appreciate and love everything about home and our life together. Can’t wait to get home to my boys and bring our baby girl home!

In here I am monitored every 8 hours, have blood draws every 3 days, have an IV that has to be flushed frequently, get visits from doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. and get weekly ultrasounds. Nora hates being on the monitor and kicks it off, so she has become known as the wild baby on the floor. Not sure where she gets that stubbornness… 😬😉🤷‍♀️ I love ultrasound days because we get a glimpse of her precious face, if she allows it. Often times she turns her back or covers her face. I think we have a sassy little girl on our hands, but I’ll take it.

Today we had an ultrasound and got some exciting news! Nora is measuring at 4 lbs 13 oz. and a week ahead of schedule. Along with this the doctor caught her drinking amniotic fluid and breathing well on the scan. She explained that both of these things are great signs since she will be taken by c-section early. After my scan I got a call and they have set our c-section date for Monday June 17th! That means that our sweet girl will be here in 17 days! 😭 The doctor also confirmed she suspects that a hysterectomy will be necessary following my c-section to avoid major issues with me. We are mentally preparing for this.

This entire pregnancy has been a roller coaster and certainly has been far from easy, but we are in the home stretch. I am so thankful for all of the love and support we have had along this journey. We have had family and friends near and far helping us in every way possible… for all of you, I am grateful! I had a vision of what pregnancy would be like, and it has been nothing like that, but it has been manageable because of the love of our tribe.

As I lay here in this ever so uncomfortable hospital bed, I can’t help but feel happy. Nearly 5 years ago we sat in a bar and decided we wanted to start a family, not knowing what our pathway would look like. We have experienced so many highs and lows over the years and after endless appointments, failed IVF treatments, many tears, a surgery, foster/adopt classes and so much more, we are fulfilling our dream. It may not have gone the way we wanted it to, but soon none of that will matter. As we count down over the next 17 days, I will be reflecting on this journey and counting our blessings.

Please keep us in your prayers as we approach Nora’s arrival… We ask for a healthy baby girl and that the surgeons and doctors will take good care of us both. We are beyond excited, yet slightly terrified about the c-section and surgery. I know we are in the best hospital possible with some of the top doctors, so that gives us some peace of mind! 💕

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