16 week update

Today we hit 16 weeks!!!!!! 

We had a regular OB appointment to check up on our baby girl. Since being in the ER we have had no additional follow ups, so I have been worried. Last night I didn’t sleep well in anticipation for this appointment. I wanted to hear her, see her and feel a sense of peace that everything is going how it should.

We arrived early to the appointment, mainly because I was eager and had been up for hours before! 😬 They checked us in and took me back quickly, which is rare. Benefits of taking the first appointment of the day. Haha. When the nurse placed us in the room I asked if they would be performing an ultrasound. I had hoped that they might since we had a few scares, but to my surprise, they weren’t going to. I was furious.

When the doctor came in she explained that my doctor had reviewed my files from the ER & that today all they were doing was the fetal heartbeat. We had lots of questions, because that’s how we both are. She informed us that they believe my bleeding had been caused by the placenta previa, not the hematoma like we had originally thought. She explained that the previa would cause the bright red blood and can cause large amounts. With that said, bed rest continues.

They said I am able to start slowly moving about the house more, but to be careful and to watch for more blessing. I know how I am and I am an all or nothing person, so I’m glad my dad will be here to keep me in check while Evan is in Jamaica. I also promised Evan I will not change up my routine until he returns, the last thing either of us want is an issue while he’s away. 

We were happy to hear baby girl’s heartbeat and the doctor said it sounds strong. The next appointment is with our perinatal doctor on February 26th. I am now eager for that appointment because they will perform a full anatomy scan. Evan will be there with me this time to see her and see just how perfect she is. These scans are so fun… they show us her hands, arms, legs, feet, face and blood pumping through her little body. Technology amazes me! I can’t wait for her daddy to see her. He will love it! 

Until then I am on bed rest and will be through March 1st. Our appointment on the 26th will determine how the placenta previa looks and if it’s safe to return to work. This month should fly by with my dad here for over a week, my mom coming right after and Evan returning from his trip. I am so thankful and grateful that my parents were both able to come out and help this month. Having each of them here for some time is good for my heart and soul! 

Please keep all of the good vibes and prayers coming.. they are working! Keep growing baby girl. Mommy and Daddy love you SO much! 💕💕

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