Full of gratitude

I’ve officially been on bed rest for 10 days.. it feels like it has been an eternity. After our trip to the ER last Sunday, my OB put me on a month of bed rest! 😢 I know this is what my body, and most importantly, what our baby girl needs, so I’m trying to relax and pass the time. I had no idea how much mind torture this could be, but it certainly is a struggle. Each day I’m counting our blessings and trying to remind myself that this too shall pass.

This week we have been showered with love and support. The amount of people who have called, texted, messaged or came by has been overwhelming.. In a positive way! 💕 This week we have had dinners and lunches delivered to our house daily and my girls even came over yesterday to clean and organize the kitchen, cook us some breakfast foods and keep me company. All of the people in our lives have truly stepped up and we are so grateful for it all.

 Currently I am tapped out on sharing, but an update felt necessary. Next week I am officially off work and will have time to relax & gather my thoughts. For now, thank you all again for the love, support, good vibes, prayers and kind gestures. No words could ever express our gratitude. 

Keep fighting and growing baby girl… mommy and daddy love you so much!

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