Sunday not-so-funday

Well, I thought last Tuesday was the scariest moment of my life… until yesterday. I woke up Sunday morning and threw towels in the washer then sat down on the couch to watch some TV (bed rest has me doing a lot of that lately). Shortly after my Mom called to chat and check up on me. We talked for awhile about everything under the sun, until I decided to jump off the phone and get ready for the day. We had plans to go to the in-laws house to relax and watch football, nothing new this time of year. 

I went to the rest room before getting in the shower when all of a sudden my heart sank. I looked down and the toilet was full of blood. I hadn’t had any bleeding since last Tuesday night so this was completely unexpected. I rushed to the spare room where Evan was playing video games and informed him about what was going on. We talked and decided we would wait just a little bit to see if the bleeding stopped, since it subsided quickly last Tuesday. As I sat there worrying I felt it getting heavier. I called my best friend in a panic and she said to go to the ER to get checked out. We packed up and rushed out the door again, hoping this was just due to over doing it the day before.

When we arrived at the ER I went and sat down while Evan checked me in. He put me in a wheel chair to keep me from walking too much and to keep me safe. I went to the rest room again and the blood was so heavy. My heart was racing and my mind was spinning. They soon checked me in and took me back to see the doctor. She said they wanted to run the same tests they did Tuesday to compare things. When she left a gentleman came in to take my blood. As he was walking in I felt a huge rush of blood and told Evan to grab the doctor. They advised me to have my blood draw then use the restroom after.

Once the phlebotomist was finished Evan wheeled me into the hallway and to the bathroom. I stood up and walked in the door when I felt blood gush through an overnight pad, down my leg and onto the floor. The amount of blood was so alarming that I nearly passed out. I did my business and called for Evan. He told the nurse and her response was “that isn’t uncommon during a miscarriage.” They put me back in the wheelchair and admitted me to a room. The nurse laid me on a bed pad and again told me that the amount of blood I was losing was common with miscarriage. These words had me in tears instantly at the thought of losing our precious baby.

Another nurse came in and asked my blood type, explaining that they needed to know in case I was hemorrhaging and needed blood. Evan instantly went into a panic. From that moment on he was on edge and I hated seeing him worry. 

After waiting for what felt like forever, they finally sent an ultrasound tech in. I couldn’t stomach looking, I was fearing the worst at this point. I watched Evan’s face for awhile and the look of fear and sadness made me feel as though the worse was happening. In the 9 years that we’ve been together I can honestly say that I’ve never seen him that close to tears. Seeing him that way broke my heart. 💔

After a few minutes he asked the tech if she could tell us anything. She explained that the doctor had to give us that information. She then continued to work and said “she’s moving and has a heartbeat,” while showing us what she saw. We knew that might not mean that she was okay, and that my body might be rejecting her, so we didn’t get our hopes up. As she left she said that in her last training someone said “never underestimate the power of the fetus. I wish you two the best” Those simple words filled me with a slight bit of hope in that moment. 

I got up again to use the rest room and to remove my soiled clothing, they were driving me nuts. The nurse put me in a giant adult diaper and a gown, trust me it was not a good look. I laid back in bed and we put the football game on to pass the time. My best friend showed up to the hospital with some food and a change of clothes for me. When I say she’s a saint, I mean that with all of my being. She has twins at home and her own battles, yet she dropped everything, found a sitter, and showed up to take care of us. The snack was much needed and the change of clothes were essential.. walking out in the giant adult diaper was not my idea of a good time. 

We were there for hours waiting to hear what was going on. Time seemed to stand still. Finally the doctor came back and informed us that the baby appeared healthy and my blood work results showed that my levels had remained the same, which was positive. We asked about the size of the hematoma that they saw Tuesday and she told us that it wasn’t there any more. She went on to explain that she suspected that it was the hematoma that ruptured and caused the bleeding. Her information was uplifting, but we knew we weren’t out of the woods. She said if it was the hematoma, bleeding should slow down and go away after a few days. 

She decided to discharge us, putting me on 100% bed rest and told me to follow up with my OB. They told us that if the bleeding continued heavily to return to the ER, because I ran the risk of losing too much blood and needing an IV. Again, Evan was on edge and didn’t want to leave. They advised that resting at home was the best thing and to return if necessary. We packed up and headed home after a good 5.5 hours of being there. We were mentally and physically exhausted at this point, but had some relief in the news. We got home and the in-laws delivered food for us so we didn’t have to worry. We spent the evening on the couch and went to bed early. 

I woke up today with only small traces of dried blood, and no more gushing like yesterday. The day has been spent relaxing and reminding ourselves that this is serious and I can’t do a damn thing until told otherwise. My husband has been a rockstar and has been taking such good care of me. I am beyond blessed to have such a loving, caring and supportive man by my side. I truly hit the jackpot. Today he worked from home, brought me lunch and stocked the fridge with easy to grab food for the rest of the week. I am listening to the doctors and taking extra caution. This baby is a fighter and I will do everything in my power to protect her.

We ask for continued good vibes and prayers as the days pass. This pregnancy has been a roller coaster, but we are reminding ourselves to enjoy every day that we are pregnant & to stay positive! 

Come on baby girl, mommy and daddy need you to keep pushing to stay healthy. We love you so much!! 💞💕💖

One thought on “Sunday not-so-funday

  1. Hang in there, Nicole, Evan and Baby Girl. I can tell you from my own health battles, there’s definitely good things that come from positivity, the strength of friends, and the power of prayer. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Tell Evan, to rest when he’s able. He needs to take care of himself, too. Love you, girl.


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