19 week scan & update

Yesterday we had our 19 week anatomy scan with our perinatal doctor. Since being put on bed rest 4.5 weeks ago, we have had no idea where things stood with this pregnancy. Thankfully we had the opportunity to see our baby with an ultrasound a couple weeks ago, so we at least knew she was still in there and active, but it didn’t feel like enough. Per usual, I didn’t sleep well the night before in anticipation of the appointment.

The appointment started off as we expected with the full anatomy scan. We saw every inch of her sweet 10 oz. body and she was active as can be. She kept putting her hands up to her face and everything about her was perfect and adorable. Once that was complete they checked where she was located since we knew she had been on my cervix previously. This part was not what we expected and left us worried.

Baby girl is located directly on my cervix and the specialist thinks she’s not going any where. Normally when someone has placenta previa the baby will favor a side and can migrate up with time. To our surprise she is right in the middle and chances of her moving are slim to none. The doctor explained that I have to stay on bed rest the remainder of my pregnancy and reduce any chance of causing additional bleeding. Any active bleeding could be detrimental to me and her. This was a hard pill to swallow, because it has been a struggle being stuck at home all this time. I’m a busy body and I want to be back at work and be able to go places, but I know this is what is necessary. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep our baby girl safe and healthy.

We had lots of questions and still do. The doctor said the hope is to make it to 24 weeks with no bleeding (obviously hoping for much longer than that, but at least 24 weeks). If I have any additional bleeding then they will admit me to the hospital to try to keep things under control and keep both of us safe. In the meantime I am remaining on the couch, keeping calm and praying for a full pregnancy with no more hiccups.

If everything goes smoothly and she remains on my cervix, then we will schedule a c-section around 37 weeks to avoid any further issues. All of this was a lot to take in and all sounds so scary at this point. I am feeling very optimistic though and know that we can do what is necessary to keep her safe and growing as she should. I have faith in my body, her, and this journey.

Each week that passes will be a huge milestone, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward! This baby girl is a fighter and we will fight to keep her safe, one day at a time! 💕💞

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