Happy tears

The weekend has come and gone, as it always does. I sit here on a Monday morning sipping my coffee, and I can’t help but be happy. This morning on my Facebook memories a few photos popped up that made me smile and shed a tear. One year ago on a chilly Sunday morning my friends and I went hiking with the twins. For those of you who don’t know, my ride or die, Tina Delgado, has the world’s cutest twins! 😍

Tiffany, Tina and I strapped the twins to us and headed out on our favorite hiking trail. I opted to take Mia and Tiffany called dibs on Micah. When we hit the trail it was cold, so the warmth of those sweet bundles of joy was wonderful! As the morning went on Mia dozed off and we hiked on. I couldn’t help but feel happy in that moment to have her in my arms. At that moment my husband and I were fighting an infertility battle that made my heart ache daily, but having amazing friends who shared their babies and their love with us made it manageable. 

Since I came out and shared my battles with infertility, I’ve found that other women often try to “shield” women like myself from knowing their joy. What I mean by that is women who have become pregnant, think that if they announce a pregnancy around us, it will hurt us. If I’m being transparent, it does hurt at times. But what hurts even more is to be left in the dark because of your misfortune or struggles. I’ve been beyond blessed to have shared the joy with my friends as they have become pregnant over the past few years, and their joy gives me hope.

Having the Delgado twins to love has helped my heart in so many ways. I am so thankful that Tina understood the battle I was facing and welcomed me into their hearts instead of trying to shield me from the pain. Soon our circle of friends will be welcoming a new bundle of joy, and I truly cannot wait! 

I will never forget the morning Tiffany told me she was expecting. We had been working out early in the mornings in Tina’s garage and that morning Tina over slept. Tiff was acting strange and I couldn’t figure out why. After a few minutes she busted out crying and hugging me. I have to admit I was terrified, I had no idea what was going on. She quickly explained that she just found out she was pregnant and she was afraid to tell me in fear of hurting me. 

This right here is why I love Tiffany. She was so incredibly excited about her pregnancy, yet she was afraid to hurt me. I reassured her that I was so happy for her and thankful she included me in the news!! ❤️ Soon we will welcome her sweet baby girl, and I am looking forward to lots of new baby snuggles! 

For those of you who have friends fighting the good fight (infertility), don’t shield them from pain, include them! Even if it hurts for a moment, being included and part of your joy can truly heal their broken souls! 

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