The next chapter

Well, I have been on a long hiatus and feel it’s time to give those around us an update. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where we are in our journey to parenthood. It’s crazy to learn that so many have followed our story through my blog over the past year! 

At this point we are at a standstill. As I’ve expressed before, much of our journey has been hurry up to wait. For those who have experienced infertility battles, I am sure you can relate. With a failed attempt at IVF (one year ago this month), we evaluated our situation and decided to change our path. Our ultimate goal is to have a family, and though we would love for it to be our biological child, that’s not in our cards at this point. We literally sat down and wrote out the pros and cons to each option, and decided that foster to adopt was a good next step. 

We jumped in with two feet and started checking off the countless boxes that the county requires. Long Saturdays in classes, filling out endless packets of paperwork, doctors appointments, finger prints for us and our local immediate family and so on. Finally after all of that we got an email saying they were ready to do our home study portion of the process (the final step before approval). The hold up came when we decided to sell our home and move a little further south to improve Evan’s commute to work. 

I notified them about putting our house on the market, and with that they placed us on hold. The home study inspects your living situation and ensures that the child will be in a safe environment. Since the process takes awhile, it didn’t make sense to do an inspection here then move (hopefully in 30-60 days). With that we pushed everything to the back burner while we sell our home. 

Being a new Realtor, I am selling our current home and will also be the agent buying our next home. It is exciting, yet I’m a little bit terrified! 😂 Keep your fingers crossed for us as we get through this process. We are eager, but also in a spot where we are feeling content and confident that everything is happening for a reason. 

One year ago we (or at least I), was in a very different mind frame, and this journey has taught me so much about myself, Evan and our marriage. My husband is my rock, and I cannot imagine going through these past few years with anyone else. I have truly learned to slow down and enjoy our time together. We know we are headed in the right direction, but it has become very obvious that we are not in control, even though we desperately want to be. Our pathway to parenthood is still unknown, but we are embracing the journey! The Farnum family is headed towards the next chapter, whatever that may be! ❤️ 

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