Refocused during Pandemic Stay at Home Orders…

Well, it has been entirely too long since I last wrote. Life has happened, and I have allowed myself to slack in many areas of life that bring me pleasure and center me. I am not sorry for that, and have zero regrets about the time that has passed though. In the past 10+ months I have done my best to soak up the time with my family and my daughter. Wow… it still feels surreal to type that. MY DAUGHTER! I am the mother to a beautiful, smart and strong-willed (help me Lord) daughter. Life truly could not get much better.

I still plan to soak up the moments and enjoy these times, but I have refocused. I have put plans into place to ensure my success both as a Mother/Wife and as a professional. I firmly believe that the two can coincide, it just takes better planning and flexibility on the days that Nora isn’t on the same page with these plans. 🙂

To back track, I left my full-time job in January and set out on a new adventure. One that allowed me to stay home with Nora, but still keep earning an income. I was blessed with an opportunity in Fall of 2019 to participate in a Ramp Up real estate course with some extraordinary individuals, and it truly gave me the courage to take on my real estate business full-time. This class was more than just educational for me… It transformed the way I thought and felt about myself, and gave me the motivation to step outside of my comfort zone and into a world filled with potential. For that class, I am forever grateful.

The decision to walk away from my career in healthcare was one that was discussed in length with Evan, many nights over whiskey. For those of you who don’t know, that is how we make our best decisions. This concept is one that arose when we were in the thick of infertility battles, and has stuck with us. Any time we need to weigh options, list out the pros and cons and really hash something out, we grab a Gentleman Jack and Coke and get down to it.

The healthcare center that I was running was closing down and I was offered a position that was much further away. That meant less time with Nora, and more time away. I couldn’t even fathom the thought of that. Thinking about it now just gives me anxiety. We knew that we would have to make some sacrifices to make it work financially, but we also knew it was worth it. Nora started daycare at 3 months old in September of 2019 and my days were spent rushing to and from work just to spend limited time with her. I had dreamed of being a Mother my entire life, and spending it away from her was just not an option that was going to fulfill me. Evan being the amazing man and husband that he is, supported my decision to walk away from my job and to take a leap of faith in real estate, with my little Nora by my side.

The beginning of 2020 started off fast and things got rolling. Nora and I were on fire and the Mommy and Me RE team was starting to get some traction. I was given the opportunity to help some amazing friends buy/sell their homes and I knew that this was the right path. It was such a blessing to be able to take Nora along with me during the day and in the evenings she was able to spend time with her Daddy while I showed houses. It truly was the best of both worlds. Unfortunately everything came to a screeching halt when Covid-19 hit and the pandemic started. No one saw it coming, but it hit hard and fast. Now, we are all under mandatory stay at home orders, and business has slowed.

Evan started working from home March 23rd, and we are unsure when orders will be lifted. We have settled into a nice at home routine, and honestly I love having him home with us. Between naps and play, Nora gets to give her Daddy hugs and she lights up when he walks out of the spare room. It warms my heart. We are grateful that his company is keeping them working so we can make ends meet. Time is passing by, just like it would any other time, but we’ve made some changes that likely wouldn’t have happened if this pandemic didn’t happen. Sad that a pandemic makes us reassess our lives, but in the midst of so much world wide loss, pain and suffering, we are finding the good.

To everyone out there… stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. Together we will all get through this!

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