Mommy and Me RE

Nora is now 7.5 months old and I am blown away at how fast time is flying by. 😭 When she was 3 months old I went back to work and sent her to daycare.. I hated handing her off to someone each day (even though I loved her care takers), and rushing off to work. While I was there I would watch the clock and count down to 5:00pm when I could get back to her. The amount of Mom guilt that I had was unreal.

In the morning I would sneak out of bed to quickly shower, feed her a bottle, then sit her in a swing while I attempted to make myself look half presentable for public. The lack of sleep, abundance of hormones and daily pressure to be a working Mom was weighing on me. I had spent so much time wishing and praying for a baby, and once I had her I felt like I was wasting time working and not enjoying this blessing.

Things took a turn when we were notified that the medical center I was running was closing the doors. In an attempt to continue making money for our family and contributing, I offered to drive to Corona (1 hour each way- without traffic… Which is a joke. We live in Southern California. The drive would end up being much more).

I made the drive for two weeks and knew that I was going to be sacrificing even more time with my sweet little baby. A few other factors made the decision to not take that position easier, but I knew I couldn’t just stay home and not contribute.. That’s just not possible with owning a home, student loan debt and bills to pay. Before getting pregnant, I got my real estate license and had hopes of some day being able to do that full time. The time just didn’t seem right when I got it, but after long talks and much thought, we decided to take a leap of faith and give it a go. My amazing and supportive husband had my back and told me to do it.

I have had the pleasure of working from home and having Nora with me all day since the beginning of January and I couldn’t be happier. She’s my little side kick and we are loving this opportunity. Thus far we have worked with a few wonderful families and hope to continue to do so. There is nothing better than helping families buy and sell their homes, while being able to have my girl by my side.

2020 has started off great and we look forward to working with lots of great families this year!! I continue to have faith that things are working out just how they should be. Life throws us curve balls, but some how we manage to find the right path. I’m finding that our parenthood pathway is bumpy, just like our pathway to get here… But we are going to slow down and enjoy the ride! ❤️

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