Making the best of every moment!

95D9E442-2B05-4063-888C-94F0D430BFA2The past year and half was filled with so many ups and downs. We are currently in limbo (as we have been since late October of 2017), which is frustrating. But, we have learned so much through our experiences since starting our journey and we are finding peace in the moment.

One day at work I accidentally word vomited on my HR person and blurted out that we are doing IVF treatment and it’s so costly. She replied that our company had recently picked up infertility treatment and that I should look into the coverage. Wow, game changer. At that time we had just begun the process of using an egg donor who happens to be one of my very best friends. She is one of the most kind, selfless people that I’ve ever met. After a few calls we found out that using an egg donor was not going to be covered but I would be covered if I was willing to go through the process again. I am afraid, but hopeful and I know this was all meant to be. The plan is much bigger than just us and we trust that it will be successful!

We are spending countless days and hours on the phone with insurance and clinics in Southern California to find the right one. At this moment we are finding that most in-network clinics use surgery centers for egg retrieval and implantation (one of the most expensive parts of IVF treatment), and we would have to pay out of pocket for that. My insurance is AMAZING and covers 100% with very little limitations including meds and potentially genetic testing for the embryos. WOW! Now we just have to be patient and find the best place to go to utilize our coverage.

Yesterday on our way home from another short weekend getaway we had a moment of reflection of this journey so far. Last year was so difficult waiting for the process to begin and hoping in 9 months we would have our precious baby that we so badly want. We put our lives on hold and didn’t plan anything because we “just knew it was coming.”

We have decided this year we will not waste time waiting… Instead we will plan our lives and enjoy every moment while we push forward for our miracle baby. 2018 might not be our year for this… But we are making the best of every moment along the way. Our pathway to parenthood has been one filled with twists and turns, but it’s ours and we will embrace it! ❤️

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