Our love story is my favorite

IMG_3322Now that I have laid the foundation of where my passion for starting a family began, I figured I should share our love story. You need the full picture in order to understand why I am so incredibly excited to start a family, besides the fact that I love children. This is a long one, but read to the end. It’s a good story!

In 2010, like every other year, I planned a Spring Break trip with my cousin and a few girlfriends. Since 2006 we had gone on Spring Break to Daytona Beach every year except one. The one year we ended up in Miami, but we weren’t 21 and it just wasn’t “our spot.” We had become very familiar with the bars and the things we loved in Daytona. Don’t fix something that don’t need fixin’. 🙂

We rolled into Daytona Beach mid-afternoon, made a quick stop at the beach then got all dolled up to go out for dinner. As we were rushing out our hotel door we ran into a group of guys who had clearly been drinking all day. They asked if we wanted to hang out that night and after discovering they had the room adjoining ours we figured we could do that. I gave my number to a guy named Zach and we were off to dinner. As we walked to the restaurant Lyndsey said “I’ve got dips on the one with the backwards hat.” We laughed and said okay, cool.

After dinner we went back to the hotel to change and go out for a few. As we were walking up we noticed two police cars in the parking lot. We figured it was just people being too wild. It was, but to our surprise it was the guys we had given our numbers to and they were being kicked out of the hotel. Figures! It was no sweat off our backs. It was our first night and we were excited to go out, with or without those guys. We made a few stops at new bars that we had never been to before and ultimately ended up where we always did… TAILGATORS! 🙂 This was our go to spot.

The next day we were laying on the beach and I got a phone call from “Kevin” the guy from Wisconsin. I had given my number to Zach but apparently he had given it to this guy and he was calling to see if we wanted to meet up. We told them we were on the beach and they stopped by to visit. They explained their situation from the night before. Damn boys… Can’t take them anywhere. One of them tried to climb up the side of the building after a day full of drinking so they were kicked out. I soon found out the guy’s name was Evan, and him and his buddies wanted to meet up with us later that night to hang out. We made some plans and figured we would tell them where we were and if they came cool, if not, we would manage to have fun anyway. 🙂

That night we met up with their group at the bar and a few of the guys decided we were not enough fun and left. Evan and Zach hung out with us all that night and we had a blast. It wasn’t until mid-way through the night that I realized that the cute boy I was flirting with was “the guy with the backwards hat.” Uh oh, I was breaking girl code! Lyndsey reassured me that it was fine, so I kept on flirting it up! Haha. We played beer pong at one of the bars and before we knew it there was a dance off happening. Evan and one of the other guys were in the middle of the bar having a dance off to “Pants on the Ground” and it was hilarious. This guy was cute, hilarious and could dance? Wow! Score! To top it all off, he was a gentleman and walked me and my friends’ home to our room every single night, even if his friends left him.

The days came and went and we were having a blast. The last day crept up on us and I was feeling very sad knowing that we lived 9 hours apart. I had the most amazing Spring Break with a complete stranger and I didn’t know if I would ever see him again. Before he left we sat and talked and he promised me that he would see me again. He told me he was a logical person and this was far from logical, but he knew he wanted to get together and see where things went. In the back of my mind I could not imagine things working with both of us still in college, living 9 hours apart and after knowing each other for one week. But I was hopeful. Leaving spring break that year was more difficult than it had ever been.

Over the next few months we talked through text, on FaceTime, via email and every other way you can imagine. We spent countless hours learning about one another and just enjoying each other’s company. We had started joking around about moving away together and he kept saying he had always wanted to move to California. Well, me being the small town girl that I was, that wasn’t going to happen! I had never left my hometown and ALL of my family lived 20 minutes apart. California was way too far.

In May one of my good friend’s was graduating from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and a group of us that grew up together were planning to go down and watch her walk. I mentioned it to Evan and he said that they had stopped in Nashville on their way home from spring break and he loved it there. He asked his cousin to go with him and we could meet up. Again, thinking this was crazy, I was beyond excited to see him!!

We both made the trip down and arranged to stay in the same hotel. We hung out between planned events and I was crazy about him all over again. Leaving that weekend was difficult and I was head over heels for this guy that I had hung out with a handful of times. It was nuts, but I couldn’t fight that feeling. We continued talking and switched our life plans to maybe move to Nashville… again thinking this was far-fetched I played along.

In late June he invited me to come visit him and meet his family. I loaded up my car and made the 9 hour trip. I met his family, who thought I was a “friend” and “potential room-mate” if we moved to Nashville. They didn’t fall for that. Haha. We spent a week together and time flew by. I went back home and missed him like crazy. The 4th of July was that following week and I asked him to drive down and spend it with me and my family. He had been in talks with an employer in Nashville and arranged to visit me, then go down and interview there in hopes of landing a job. Still thinking this was crazy, I played along. I was scared, excited and had no idea what was going to happen.

We spent time together, he met my family and he was off to Nashville. He was offered a job later that week and I got into MTSU. Things were getting real and happening fast! My mom and I made a trip down to Nashville, signed on a 3 bedroom apartment and the moving date was set. Evan’s old college roommate Nick decided to come also. We figured this would make the move away easier IF things didn’t work out. We moved to Nashville in August of 2010 after hanging out 3 separate times and the rest is history! I still cannot believe how we met, how far we have come and the things we have been through, but I couldn’t be happier. I met my prince charming on Spring Break in Daytona Beach 2010 and never looked back! 🙂 He is the most loving, caring man and by far my best friend. I can’t wait to see him become the world’s best Dad! ❤ ❤ ❤

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