The waiting game

When it comes to IVF the entire journey is a waiting game. First you wait to find out if you have fertility issues, then you wait for an appointment with a specialist, then you wait to start step one (stims), then you wait for egg retrieval, and then the real waiting game begins. This might be the hardest part so far. I would take the injections over waiting to find out how many viable embryos we will have.

After egg retrieval you have to wait 6 days. Doesn’t seem like much right?!? WRONG! It has been the longest 6 days of my life. Day one we got news that they had retrieved 13 eggs & 7 had fertilized. We were happy with this number. Day 3, we found out we actually had 8, one of the little ones decided they wanted to catch up and participate! 😉 Today was day 5 and we received news that we didn’t particularly like. We have one more day of this waiting game to get our final numbers.

I’m hoping and praying that we get what we need to be successful in this journey. Lots of people say, it only takes one to grow your family. We hope that ONE is healthy and that our waiting games are over. I know we will experience hiccups, but man… This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Come on baby Farnum, we wish you were here! ❤️

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