We have little fighters! πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸŒˆ

After egg retrieval there is a six day waiting period. The updates come every other day for the first few then you get a call or email day five and six. Up until day five we had been feeling really good about our numbers and how things were going. Sunday 10/22, we got the day five email and our hearts sank. I had been hiking with girlfriends and when we got back into a service area I saw that it had come through.

My eyes started to swell up with tears but my best gal pal told me not to stress and to stay positive. She had been through the IVF process so she knows how important it is to stay positive and not to get wrapped up in the “what if’s.” I kept it together and went home to talk it out with my voice of reason, Mr. Wonderful! β™₯️

When I got home we talked some about how bummed we were and he gave me one of his healing hugs. πŸ˜‰ He truly gives the best hugs! The email we received stated that two embryos had made it to early blastocyst and six had not continued to develop. We decided we wanted to speak to someone in the lab to find out the probability of those other six embryos making it. Much like the gut wrenching feeling I got when I initially read the email, I got it again. The lady stated that they were hoping the two in early blastocyst stage would continue to develop but said it was “very unlikely that the other six would make it to blastocyst.”

How could this be happening?!? Just two days before we had found out that we had eight embryos growing! 😒 We spent the evening feeling defeated and reading numerous stories of other couples experiences with this. There were a couple encouraging posts about slow embryos making it to blastocyst, but not many. I joked and told Evan that they were the girl embryos and that they just take forever to get ready. Evan joked that maybe 10-23 (the date on day six when it’s the final numbers) is a sign and that the two would make it plus three more and we would have five! It was all wishful thinking.

This morning was day six and I woke up nervous and anxious for our final update. Evan asked the lab to call him instead of me and I was thankful for that. I wasn’t sure my heart could handle the news. I was headed to a doctor’s appointment when I got a text from Evan asking if I could talk. My heart sank in fear that he had received news that would break us. He called and he stumbled over his words a little and said “well, the two made it… And two others did too!” Tears of joy began pouring down my cheeks! I was in disbelief. I probably asked him if he was serious ten times! 😭😭😭 Later in the day we got even crazier news… A fifth one had caught up and decided to become our fifth little embryo!!! 😍

We both are over the moon excited, and we are TRULY grateful that this miracle happened. We have had tons of people praying and sending us good vibes, and we hope they continue to come. Now we have a 10-14 day wait for the genetic testing to come back. It’s going to be some of the longest days of our lives! One thing I do know, is that WE HAVE FIGHTERS! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’—πŸŒˆ

Many have been asking when we plan to implant and that is down the road. I still have to have a minor procedure and the time needs to be right. I started a new job and we need to make sure we are in a good place before we take that next step. We will certainly keep you updated as things progress!

Thank you ALL for the love and support! ❀️

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